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Barbara Mango, Ph.D.

Dr. Barbara Mango received her MA and Ph.D. in Metaphysics from the American Institute for Holistic Theology. Barbara researches, writes and speaks on the near-death experience, connectivity between the brain and consciousness, and related paranormal phenomena. Barbara is a Board Member of the PLR Institute (Past Life Regression Institute), an Affiliate of the Love, Care, Share Foundation, and a Near-death Researcher for The Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Foundation. Barbara has been published in blogs, journal articles, and websites.

If you are interested in contacting me about a speaking engagement, please email me at:

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Reverend Conneta Johnson

Reverend Conneta Johnson completed her Bachelors’ degree in Metaphysical Studies from Emerson Institute in 1998 and a Master of Divinity with Ordination from Madonna Ministries International in 2000. In 2008 Rev. Johnson was consecrated as a Bishop. She founded the Universal Rays of Light Church in San Bernardino, CA in 2000 and from 2004-2007 served as the California State Coordinator for Humanity’s Team, founded by Neale Donald Walsh. She is the founder of Moments of Unity, a spiritual company to assist people through life’s transitions, facilitating ceremonies, memorials, classes, life coach & ordination.

Rev. Johnson is a talented song writer and author. Her song “Standing as One” (2005) was picked up by Emmy Award winner Faith Rivera. The song later became the theme song for Humanity’s Team. In 2007, she was nominated as Inspirational Song Writer of the year and in 2012 it was picked up as a theme song for an Indie film, produced in Dubai. She is the author of the spiritual inspiration book, “Elements”.

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Donna Kannard Ph.D.

My first exposure to hypnosis training was the basic weekend course of the American Institute of Hypnotherapy. Dr. A. M. Krasner’s class was so much fun, while being informative and confidence building. It did what it was intended to do. I was hooked. I had to know more, so I signed up then and there for the Ph.D. program. It introduced me to a new world of concepts, skills and information, not to mention friends and a support network that would inspire me. My first mentors in the early years were Dr. Jane Lake and Dr. Richard Neves. I learned so much from them. I met good friends and travelers on the path in Leticia Montiel-Oliver, and Marjorie Miles, who, to this day, support and encourage me. Dick Sutphen was a powerful influence as I studied his tapes and books, and led workshops on Past Life Regression.

Dr. Bruce Lipton presented his research at our ABH conventions and explained the mechanics of how and why hypnosis works. He has since become a well respected best selling author. I was introduced to the world of NLP at that time. While I haven’t studied with Richard Bandler and John Grinder personally, I am so grateful for their work. They may well be the biggest influence in this presentation. I had such wonderful experiences with so many excellent trainers, including Tad James for NLP, Timeline Therapy™ and Ericksonian Hypnosis, Marilyn Sargeant, of NLP COMPREHENSIVE, Jayne Brown of NLPLA, Christina Hall and Gary Boone with NLP of SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Michael Grinder, Gerry Schmidt and many of the other trainers from NLP COMPREHENSIVE.

I thank my friend Eileen Bertie for her generous spirit and amazing knowledge. She made the drive from Van Nuys to Santa Ana in rush hour traffic for our weekly NLP study group. Michael Watson was so good at creating and teaching wonderfully effective Hypnosis and NLP techniques that I almost forgot I didn’t invent them. I was fortunate to be an assistant at many NLP trainings including Core Transformation™, NLP Training Institute of Los Angeles’s and Christina Hall’s certifications, , and Adept International’s NLP Practitioner certifications with Robert Link, Sean Holt and Betty Link. During that time I met Dr. Laurie Nadel, Psychotherapist, NLP MP, and Master Hypnotherapist as well as gifted journalist and author. She became a wonderful source of information and encouragement.

I then was exposed to the incredible world of kinesiology, or energy work. Evelyn Budd-Michaels (a fabulous Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP) was inspiring as she mentored me in that world, along with Gary Boone, and Alex Holub. Wayne Topping, continues to be an inspiration with his many books and trainings, including Brain Gym®, Touch for Health®, and Wellness Kinesiology. Marilyn Lugaro and our Orange County Brain Gym® Network helped with clearings. Gary Craig with his EFT training has led me to create original ways of assisting clients and learn more about myself. Carol Tuttle more recently has given me techniques to break through my resistance to completing this work. Also coaching me was the awesome James Wanless, author of many books and creator of the Voyager Tarot.

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Mark Rivera, MS Physics

Mark Rivera has a B.S. and M.S. in Physics and close to 30 years working as a scientist-engineer in research and development for the aerospace industry. He has published papers in SPIE and AIAA. His expertise in engineering design, analysis, and computer modeling and simulation brings scientific and mathematical rigor to the team.
The Pocket Physicist

The Pocket Physicist
College Physics and Mathematics Tutor

Need help with your college math and physics classes? The Pocket Physicist can help! Master of Science in Physics and 30 years experience as a research scientist. Tutoring available by way of your smart phone or email. $25 per hour via PayPal. Contact Mark Rivera at

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Heather Rivera, RN, JD, Ph.D.

Dr. Heather Friedman Rivera obtained her Ph.D. in Parapsychic Science in 2011, her Doctorate in Law in 2002 and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Past-life Regression. She trained with Dr. Brian Weiss at The Weiss Institute. Heather is also a Registered Nurse with over 25 years of experience.

Heather served on the Board of Directors for the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies (IARRT) as Co-Director of Research. Heather is an adjunct faculty member for AIHT. She is a reviewer/editor for the International Journal of Regression Therapy. Mark Rivera and Heather Rivera founded an organization for advancing past life research, PLR Institute.

She is the author of six books and numerous articles. Heather has been featured in print, radio, and web television.

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Darrel Quebedeaux

An intuitive since childhood, Darrel submitted to a lifelong call from within to help and heal. He is eternally grateful for each opportunity of making a difference in the lives of his clients. Darrel offers deep spiritual hypnotic sessions for solving current life issues by connecting to your past and future selves. Since his very first Past Life Regression many years ago Darrel has discovered his calling by guiding curious souls into the magical realms of their own spirit. He is drawn to children who experience spontaneous Past Life Recall and souls who have had Near Death Experiences. He has an empathic desire to help you discover peace and resolution by knowing your soul’s mission and plan. Darrel offers Life Between Life sessions for the adventurous and spiritually curious providing an opportunity to personally meet yourself as a spirit, to get to know your spirit guides, your soul mates, the board of Elders and the realms of the spirit world as you discover by experiencing from the spirit perspective your immortal soul’s purpose and the choices it made for the challenges, gifts and blessings it created for you in this life. In addition, Darrel is a Reiki master who performs an intuitive energy healing drawn and created from his own shamanic past life experiences. As a passionate and intuitive empath, he connects and guides you to discover the Divine Spark within, your connection to source. If you are spiritually inclined and curious to know and live your own Divinity and destiny, you owe it to yourself to do what other people just like you have chosen to do….experience the spirit that you are… for yourself. Darrel may be contacted through his website at

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Mary O’Maley, MSHN, CHtI

Mary holds an MS in Holistic Nutritional Health Science and is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy Instructor with International Hypnosis Federation (IHF). An IHF Award of Excellence winner, Mary specializes in Past Life Regression and is honored to be on the board of Past Life Research Institute. (PLRInstitute)

Her metaphysical studies allowed her to reignite her psychic and Mediumship gifts. Mary shares these gifts in home and gallery readings and individual sessions and is a Tested and Certified member of Best American Psychics.

As the host of BlogTalkRadio The Merry Medium Show, she has interviewed many wonderful people from the metaphysical and Holistic community.

She also hosts The Merry Medium and Friends – Where Science and Spirit Meet Live Events.

Along with Dr. Carol Francis, Mary is the co-author of the book, Your Soaring Phoenix. She is also a contributing author in several other books and publications.

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“It is important to document the validity of past life regression therapy. Heather Rivera’s research has made an important contribution to this field, and I applaud her work.”-Brian L. Weiss, M.D., author of “Many Lives, Many Masters”

Welcome to the home page of the PLR Institute. We are dedicated to scientific research and experimental investigation on past lives and past life therapies. Our current areas of research are focused on the measurable effects of past life therapies on psychological and physical conditions. We have two ongoing studies, Study 1 and Study 2. If you have had a past life experience, we invite you to take our survey (Study 1) under the Survey tab. Please email for more information regarding Study 2. PLR Institute hosts retreats/conferences to discuss past life therapy and give attendees the opportunity to experience a PLR, connect with others, and rejuvenate in a natural setting.

The concept of “reincarnation” or “past lives” carries many cultural, religious, and historical interpretations. It is not our aim to necessarily support any of these interpretations. The only postulate required to introduce reincarnation into the realm of rational inquiry is that information or memories of human experience survive, in some form, physical death and that this information can influence another physical human being. While no scientific theory can yet fully explain a mechanism for this, no scientific theory can yet preclude it. It is in the framework of this narrow interpretation that we investigate and use the term “past lives.” How reincarnation arose, evolved, and was eventually dismissed by mainstream Western culture is a long and winding tale, one that reveals more about our hopes and fears than the concept itself.

Reincarnation and past life memories is, for most of us, an unsettling mystery. It is hard to penetrate because there are few good one-stop sources of unadulterated information. The wheat seems almost impossible to sort from the chaff. The evidence for past lives often seems compelling, but there is no “smoking gun” that convinces the demanding skeptics. It is precisely this absence of “proof” that has allowed us to turn reincarnation and past life phenomenon into a Rorschach ink blot, an amorphous shape onto which we have projected our hopes, fears, and cultural myths. In the process we have made it difficult, if not impossible, to soberly and rationally inquire into its reality or true nature. If we admit that our current scientific models of reality are incomplete, is the possibility of previous lives really so hard to entertain? And to do so in a rational or scientific manner? Perhaps it is not as hard to scientifically investigate as much as it is culturally and religiously hard to accept. To admit it into serious consideration would rub many of us the wrong way. And so we stigmatize, ostracize, and even demonize the thought of it. No real scientist would risk her reputation on raising it as worthy of serious investigation.

At the PLR Institute we believe that a good starting point for past life research is to follow some historical scientific precedents in areas that once shared the same ground. Let us begin by simply making cautious observations, careful data collection and measurements, and refrain from overextended interpretations and theories. Once plenty of consistent and repeatable data are present, then more scientists may become confident that a real unexplained phenomenon is occurring. We and others can then begin to look for patterns that might point toward further experimental investigations and/or begin to suggest plausible theories for its occurrence.

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Journal of Regression Therapy Vol XXI, Number 1, March 2012

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Endorsements for Dr. Heather’s work:

“It is important to document the validity of past life regression therapy. Heather Rivera’s research has made an important contribution to this field, and I applaud her work.”-Brian L. Weiss, M.D., author of Many Lives, Many Masters

“Dr. Heather Rivera has written a much needed book for those interested in past life therapy or those practicing it. Her fine book is based on quantified research, rather than strictly case studies. It is a scholarly work that furthers the understanding of this extremely efficient therapy. Lasting cures and complete elimination of symptoms, sometimes of a life’s duration, have been shown to be as a direct result of past life regressions. Even after futile attempts to heal these symptoms in conventional ways, this therapy has achieved what the traditional methods have not. Past life therapy deserves to be part of mainstream treatment modalities. The reader will benefit in many ways, perhaps life-changing ways, from this excellent book”– Edith Fiore, Ph.D. (Retired Psychologist) Author of You Have Been Here Before.

“Dr. Heather Rivera’s work is illuminating for professionals practicing past life therapy, and for potential clients who would like to understand the benefits or reasons for doing this type of therapy. Her findings suggest what many practitioners and clients have found over many years: past life therapy heals the mind, body, and soul. I hope to see more of Dr. Rivera’s research in the future.” Carol Bowman, M.S. Author of Children’s Past Lives and Return From Heaven

In the midst of modern medicine’s dehumanization, Dr. Rivera finds simple truth; spirituality matters to people. Understanding how past lives impact our health is one of the most important movements for medical science, and Dr. Rivera leads the way.” -Charles Knoll, M.D. VP and Co-Director for the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies.

“Dr. Heather Friedman Rivera is one of the most remarkable torch-bearers of our times, bringing light into the dark recesses of our over-soul to which we are all connected into the universal oneness, through her scholarly quantifying research on reincarnation and past-life regression. She makes skeptics see and hear, and places the scientific dots on reincarnation and past life regression in such a convincing personal and touching way, by being the real experiencing person behind the rigorous scientist. Most would identify with her story and many will come to accept the truth of reincarnation and its healing and unifying power in our troubled world. A time will come soon when past-life experiencing and practicing will be required in the training curriculum of all helping professions, and common place with all people, for peace, tolerance, love and healing, for the good of humankind.”- Adrian Finkelstein, MD, Former UCLA Psychiatry Professor Researcher and author on reincarnation and past-life regression

Inside you live vivid scenarios of other places in time eagerly waiting to be revealed. Read this wonderful book and share the joy of such sacred recalls. Perhaps you’ll re-member just who you were before you were YOU. Thank you, Dr. Rivera for this fine wake-up call!-Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD, Author of Time Travel: The Do-It-Yourself Past Life Journey Handbook and President of the International Hypnosis Federation

Dr. Heather Rivera is an asset to our organization, International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Through her personal experience of healing and thorough research she has a unique approach to studying the benefits of past life regression. Heather’s talent as a story teller in combination with her research makes this book important within our profession.” -Laurie H. Miller, CCH, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, President, IACH

“I first met Dr. Heather Rivera at the IARRT Conference in San Diego, CA in October of 2012. During all of my many years in the business of hypnotism I had never been so greatly impressed as I was with Heather’s research and presentation of the subject of hypnotic regression therapy. HER WORK IS, AND WILL ALWAYS BE, AN IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTION TO OUR PROFESSION.I have been a professional hypnotist for over fifty years. I have written and published several books and papers on the subject of both forensic and therapy expressions of hypnotism.”– A.L. Ward CHt – BCH, Author of The Inner Mind, The Inner Mind Revisited: Researching the Soul, Heaven, The Road Back Home, and Phenomenal Expressions of Hypnotism

Healing the Present from the Past is a valuable resource for those with inquisitive minds as well as practitioners of past life regression. Dr. Friedman’s research brings a fresh perspective and current data on the beliefs people have concerning reincarnation and the experiences of those who remember their previous lives. As a practitioner and instructor of past life regression, my focus is centered on developing and providing profound personal experiences as well as training so others can do so. Thankfully Dr. Heather has taken the time to quantify a range of past life experiences, and demonstrates to the world that people are not alone in their beliefs and experiences. I appreciate her goal of combining new physics concepts with healing through past life regression. We resonate with sayings such as, “All time is here and now,” but do we really understand the implications? It means, among other things, that moments of our history are not gone to nothingness, but are alive in our personal infinite pool of moments and memories. Further, we are learning now that our observation of reality actually changes that which is observed. Similarly, when we visit past lifetimes, our observations alone will affect them. When we apply healing techniques within that experience, we can direct the change to align with improved health and well-being. We can make the corrections in our past lives so that “all of us” supports the well-being of our present state, or we can make the changes in this life, which will ripple through the pool and positively affect those “past” moments. The universe is an awe-inspiring place beyond our wildest imaginations, and thankfully researchers like Dr. Heather can bring these findings to light in ways that can satisfy those who are curious and even those who may be skeptical.” – Mary Lee LaBay, Ph.D.-Adjunct Professor at Bastyr University, Author of Exploring Past Lives: Your Soul’s Quest for Consciousness and Past Life Regression: A Guide for Practitioners Bellevue, WA

“Healing The Present From The Past is an important addition to the books on past life regression therapy. I found it to be an extremely interesting read and powerful on many levels. First, in terms of Dr. Heather Friedman Rivera’s telling of her personal journey using past life regression therapy to heal herself of chronic physical conditions. Secondly, in terms of her sharing stories from other people whose past life regression experiences have empowered them, healed them and changed the way they approach life as well as death. Thirdly, in terms of the rigorous work she has done to quantify the positive effects people have had with past life regression therapy. It’s one thing for people to read about personal accounts of healing through past life regression therapy. It is another thing to see data that has been meticulously collected and organized which clearly demonstrates that something profound is happening when past life regression is utilized as a therapeutic technique. If one has doubts as to the efficacy of this treatment modality, Dr. Friedman Rivera’s book will likely eliminate those doubts. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to people in the general population who want to get a greater understanding of this phenomenal treatment and to practitioners in the therapeutic community who may be reluctant to examine past life regression therapy and utilize it in their practice.”Walter E Jacobson, MD, Psychiatrist, Speaker & Author of Forgive To Win!

“Heather S. Friedman Rivera, Ph.D., has written a book that is an engrossing story of her personal journey to healing and her path to becoming a past-life regressionist. Along the way she founded a non-profit organization and web site to facilitate research into the efficacy of past-life regression. Her book, Healing the Present from the Past; The Personal Journey of a Past Life Researcher, details her journey and the results of her first study. Rivera’s study is an important contribution to an alternative treatment discipline which has extensive anecdotal information of excellent treatment of mind, body and soul – one of the very few treatment modalities that appears to do so. The study, as described in her book, provides systematic data on the results and some of the circumstances of the regression experiences from an on-line survey. The regression experiences occurred in a variety of settings both professionally assisted and spontaneous. The survey is voluntary and anonymous, which potentially limits generalization of the results to the general population. None-the-less, the study is an important data point that confirms the effectiveness of past-life regression therapy and reveals some of its wider benefits. The book is a good read and is highly recommended”.-Richard Stammler, Ph.D., author of Transmundo Beings in Regression Therapy, when non-Earth lives arise in regression experiences.

Peter Wright, CPLT, CHT, LBLT of Insights from Within Hypnotherapy in Santa Barbara, CA wrote an article for the IARRT newsletter. In this article he wrote this about my presentation at the conference. Oct 2012 “Heather Rivera brought us back to earth with her hardnosed scientific research into quantifying the healing effects of past-life therapies and uncovering the demographic factors that drive and influence these effects. I am looking forward to her findings being released in her upcoming book.


Other Resources: (site on reincarnation and Christianity) (Hypnotherapist/Author/Instructor in the UK) (Researcher, Author) (Hypnotherapist and Psychic Medium) (Author of Many Lives, Many Masters, Psychiatrist. Florida) (Therapist in So Cal- LA County) (Hypnotherapist in So. Cal- Orange County) (Therapist in So. Cal – Orange County) (Therapist in So. Cal LA County) (Hypnotherapist/Instructor. Has mp3 download on her site if join mailing list) (Therapist in So. Cal – San Fernando Valley)

Reincarnation Documentary by Peter Ramster (Researcher in Australia- put together fascinating documentary) (Writer who wrote novels based on her “far-memory” or memory of past lives) (International Hypnosis Federation – professional organization) (accredited school for hypnosis) (Hypnotherapist in So. Cal- Orange County) (regression therapy and much more in VA- interesting blogs) (Michelle Brock- Founder Past Life Spiritual Practice- past life regressionist in NY) (Des Canning qualified at Ireland’s Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy) (Robert Schwartz- speaker/author, works with our soul’s purpose) (Gayla Reiter- Regression Therapy, also teaches PLR) (Pamela Schmidt MS, CCH in Southern California) (Josie Duminuco, CHt in Langley, BC) Dr. Heather Rivera is an adjunct faculty member and provided dissertation mentoring to AIHT students. (School of Mulitdimensional Healing Arts & Sciences)