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You found the page. I hope the journey was not too difficult and you were able to avoid the biting rocks, land slitherers, and other creatures as you made your way across Exaltia. Have you received your Prism Walker certificate yet? Under the “Store” tab, I have available autographed copies of the Prism Walker series. It also includes a Prism Walker certificate with the purchase of “Into Exaltia” or a map of Exaltia with the purchase of “In Search of Emerald 11923194_1596900320574018_7252816368467227739_nBay.” Have you checked out Book 3, “Inside the Crystal”?  The Prism Walkers are always ready for more adventures.

Scroll down this page for information on my young reader books. They are fantasy/adventure books for ages 8-12. They are also available on Amazon.com or B&N.com.

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Here is Queen Ona reading Chapter 3 of Into Exaltia at the Festival of Writers and Books.

12074935_10205206076619422_8977101594716165454_nAbout the Author:  Heather S. Friedman Rivera, RN, JD, PhD is an author and researcher. She likes traveling and reading about new and exciting places to visit in her mind. As children, Heather and her sister played with prisms. The memory of their childhood adventures inspired this book series. She can be reached at www.heatherrivera.com www.facebook.com/PrismWalkersClub


Martin KasparAbout the Illustrator: Martin Kaspar is from Prague, Czech Republic. He has always liked drawing and illustrating in his spare time. Martin can be reached at mail@martinkaspar.eu  www.martinkaspar.eu


Books For Young Readers

Into Exaltia

by Heather Rivera

Into Exaltia
Prism Walker Series – Book One

“Be wary of the biting rocks.” – Sir Henry

When twelve year old Sara and her younger sister, ten year old Molly, were dropped off at their grandma’s house to spend spring vacation, they expected certain things would happen. They expected to eat grandma’s delicious cooking, to make up imaginary games to pass the time, and sometimes to be bored. But they never could have imagined what did happen! A magical portal opened, a prism showed them the way to another world, and the girls were thrown into the adventure of a lifetime. The girls are joined by a boy from their world and befriended by Thorn and Sael, two tree elves in Exaltia, to face many dangers in answer to an urgent cry for help. Who else will save the gnomes if not the Prism Walkers? Will they be able to complete their mission and will they find their way home again?

(Young fans create “Troll Crossing” in front of my house.)



In Search of Emerald Bay

by Heather Rivera

In Search Of Emerald Bay
Prism Walker Series – Book Two

It’s been months since Sara, Molly, and Leo had their adventure in Exaltia. At times they wonder if they made it up. Shortly after arriving at Grandma’s house for the weekend, a message from Exaltia arrives and the three Prism Walkers, once again, enter the portal to the magical world. Expecting to step into a thriving world, they discover, however, that the land is dying. The affliction spreads quickly, affecting every creature—even their elven friends, Thorn and Sael. The adventurers face many obstacles, rare creatures, and dangers as they race across Winterland. Will the Prism Walkers find the elusive Emerald Bay in order to save Exaltia before time runs out?

Inside The Crystal

by Heather Rivera

Prism Walker Series – Book Three

In the third book of the Prism Walker series, Sara and Molly wish they could cross realms from Earth to Exaltia to visit their elven friends, but they know from experience the portal only opens if they’re needed for a mission. Imagine their surprise when Thorn and Sael show up in their California neighborhood! Even more surprising is the mysterious crystal the elves use rather than a prism to cross realms, causing the Prism Walkers to expect all kinds of trouble to follow. Trouble is indeed what happens when the crystal accidentally transports the elves and the Prism Walkers not to Exaltia but to Mandriland, a land unlike anything they have ever seen.

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Young Reader Fan Mail:

“If you enjoyed Narnia and the movie Dinosaur Island then you will really enjoy this book. This book was full of plot twists that kept me engaged throughout the story. The book begins with two sisters who are visiting their grandma while their mother is going on a honeymoon with their new father. They were having fun playing, until the weather changed and it started to rain. While their grandmother was making their lunch, they began wonder what was inside their Uncle’s room which was always shut. They got curious and ventured into their Uncle’s room whom they thought was rather boring. To their surprise his room had walls filled with pictures from all over the world as well as swords and shields. He found the girls in his room, and told them they had a gift. They were prism walkers. When they walked outside their world was completely different. They went into Exaltia where they met an elf who told them they needed to complete the mission of killing a witch and dragon. They met a boy named Leo who was also a prism walker as well.  This led them to many new adventures where they eventually defeated the witch and dragon. They became knights.  When they returned to their normal life it was as though they had never left and no time had elapsed, even the lunch their grandmother had made was still there. They began to wonder if their imagination had gone wild and doubted that their adventure had been real. Their questions were answered when they returned to school. At lunch, a stranger sat down next to them, but after looking more closely he was not a stranger after all.”

08/30/17 “Dear Dr.Rivera I read your first book and my vote is a 5 stars because it’s so magical and I love it so much
Thank you so much for giving me the second book!
When I saw my certificate, I saw queen Ona written something for me. It made me very happy. So thank you for the second book and the certificate. I cant wait to take it to my class and show my friends! Thank you!

From Tharul”

Oh, thank you so much Tharul for your sweet letter. Your words made me very happy. You are very special Prism Walker indeed. I hope you enjoy the second book and would love to hear all about your adventures.

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