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12032200_751579154971867_6828724371411003572_nAbout Heather: Heather Friedman Rivera, R.N., J.D., Ph.D. lives in Hawaii. Her best friends consist of Kala (a Puggle) and Danzy (a black cat who believes he helps her write). When not writing, Heather works in the institute that she founded with Mark and speaks on past life research.  She is also deaf. Being deaf and having cochlear implants has taught her valuable lessons of perseverance and overcoming obstacles. Dr. Rivera provides book coaching through Muse & Ink. Heather is the author of Healing the Present from the Past, Quiet Water and Maiden Flight (Amazon Best Sellers) and Ultreia She also writes fantasy/adventure for young readers, Into Exaltia , In Search of Emerald Bay, and Inside the Crystal. Her story is in Dr. Brian Weiss’ book Miracles Happen (Page 56) and she is a contributing author Your Soaring Phoenix, The Yes Book,  Destination Unknown,  and The Present Power of Past Lives: The Experts Speak.

Contact Heather at honulife@me.com or DrHeatherRivera@gmail.com Contact Information for Interviews Heather Rivera, Author 16458 Bolsa Chica St. #230 Huntington Beach, CA 92649 Contact: (808) 344-9894 honulife.me.com http://www.heatherrivera.com




 What others are saying about Quiet Water:

“-My Praise- Quiet Water not quiet Expect the unexpected Past life present fate”

“Quiet Water” is a unique story. The voice is very specific and not typical. It is a true voice and I enjoyed very much learning about Tess’ world through her observations. Through internal dialogue, she narrates her life in a way that I think many people do at times. There are slow reveals to what is actually occurring, and the pace of the story varies, much like real life. At first it seems as if Tess speaks to the reader directly. It is an effective way of creating an intimacy with the audience. You feel as if you are being confessed to, or have become privy to someone’s innermost fears and dreams. As you learn who she is actually speaking to and why, a sense of poignancy manifests. This is not a false sense of being manipulated, but rather a feeling of deep emotion. Love and pain and how they mingle are a major aspect of this story. The book is written with a definitive purpose. There is an agenda, but I rarely felt like I was being preached to or lectured. I personally have more than a passing knowledge and experience with many of the concepts Tess explores. This does not detract from the simple observations she makes as a neophyte to the varied world of metaphysics. If the tale is occasionally told in a more obvious manner, it is to serve the concepts presented more completely to a broader audience. This is not a typical story. There are surprises, good ones. It is a metaphysical tale. Author Heather Rivera has created a gentle vision of hope and affirmation. Very refreshing!”

“I felt completely drawn into the story. Tess’s healing journey is powerful and beautiful. As a past-life regression therapist, I can relate her experiences to many real life clients. We truly can heal the past from the present. I am grateful to Heather Rivera for presenting these ideas and experiences in a way that a broad audience can connect to. Bethany Miller, Psy.D.”

“I loved reading “Quiet Water”, a story of believable human emotions and experiences. The author, Heather Rivera, has a unique talent for story telling that kept my interest from beginning to the uncanny surprise at the end. “Quiet Water” has enchanting elements of mysticism, past life recall, and hints of how the past influences the present. One particularly delicious love scene involving fresh pears has me thinking of pears in an entirely new way! I enjoyed reading the book so much, I hated for it to end, and I look forward to the next book in the series. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good story filled with poignant relationships and self discovery balanced by both humor and tragedy.”

“From the first paragraph, the reader’s curiosity is piqued by a very happy scene of two people in love and soon to be married. Then we are propelled to another era and a very, seemingly different person, one who, at first is not happy at all. Soon, we are aware of her relationships with her former husband, son, deceased brother and good friend, Naomi. We get to know Tess immediately. And, we like her, whether we have had similar experiences or not. She reveals to us her innermost feelings, thoughts, fears and reactions. There are glimpses of things that happened before her current life, which expand as the story unfolds. The relationship between the present life and her past one is fascinating and illustrates how knowing about the past can heal the present. The writing is clear, readable, interesting and very enjoyable. Heather Rivera is an experienced past-life therapist, who understands how past lives impact the curent one. I highly recommend this book to those who are knowledgable about past lives and those who are not. There is much to learn and to enjoy from reading Quiet Water.” Edith Fiore, Ph.D. (Retired clinical psychologist, past-life therapist, hypnoanalyst and author of You Have Been Here Before and other books)

“I totally enjoyed the story! It’s well written and moves at a quick pace. The character of Tess develops nicely as the tale is told. You see Tess changing from the inside out as she begins to better understand the incredible journey she has been on. I loved the mysticism of it all. As someone who has experienced many similar confusing past life events and thoughts I fully welcome this story. It is a wonderful vehicle for those who want to know more about Past Life Regression without getting all high-brow or preachy. There are thoughts expressed in this story that many of us have had in our real lives but don’t talk about! I can see this story as a wonderful book club read encouraging lively discussions! Last but not least,I will never look at pears in quite the same way again!”

“I just finished reading Quiet Water. I savored every moment–taking my time reading it–because I did not it to end. I can’t wait for the next book from author, Heather S.Rivera, who is a talented and riveting storyteller. Her character, Tess, takes the reader on an inner and outer odyssey of self-revelation,lost love, mysticism, romance, past life regression, and sensuality…and so much more. This multi-layered book is a page turner with many surprises and delights…and like other readers, I have found that pears have taken on a new, delightful meaning.”

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Quiet Water

by Heather Rivera

Quiet Water Book
Golden Raven Series – Book One

“The past lies veiled beneath the surface of our lives.”

Gripping dreams of a lost love compel Tess Whitaker to walk away from a stable marriage and her teenage son. As she struggles to piece together a new life in a new town, haunting visions of a past life thrust her into a quest to find her elusive lover. Spinning out of control, Tess wonders, “Have I really gone off the deep end? Will I ever find “the one?”

Quest for Soul Mate, Love and Intimacy in “Quiet Water” by Novelist Heather Rivera Book Relase Announced by Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio


Maiden Flight

by Heather Rivera

Maiden Flight Book
Golden Raven Series – Book Two

“Perfection is not what you imagine it to be.”

Tess Whitaker believes she has finally found her idyllic life. After all her struggles she can now relax with Adam by her side….or can she? The powerful gifts she has denied for lifetimes refuse to be stifled, and before long her comfortable existence begins to unravel around her.

Meanwhile, Naomi, Tess’ best friend, encounters a mysterious and troubling man who sets her on a horrifying journey. Fearing for her safety, Naomi reaches out to Tess.

Tess, determined to keep her other-worldly life isolated from her life with Adam, commits to help Naomi, but fearing all the while that too much will be revealed. Would Adam run the other way if he knew her secrets? Or will her evasiveness drive him away?

In the compelling sequel* to Quiet Water, Tess must struggle to maintain her life’s delicate balance while guiding her best friend, cultivating her latent gifts, and preserving her relationship with Adam. If she can pull it off, she may find the perfection she’s been seeking. If she cannot, she may lose everything.



by Heather Rivera

Golden Raven Series – Book Three

“We can search the world two times over and never find it.”

In this third and last installment of the Golden Raven series, Tess and Naomi open their Past Life Travel Agency. Their first client is plagued by messages and images in her sleep. Tess sees these same ancient images in her visions. Without time to adjust to running a new business, Tess must decipher these images, unravel a mysterious prophecy, and travel to ancient lands of past lives. As if this wasn’t enough to manage, she’s required to clear past karma with her son, Wade. Although Adam has embraced Tess’s metaphysical world and stands by her side, can their relationship withstand more upheaval? Will she fulfill the final mission given to her by the One Beyond the World?



Healing The Present From The Past

by Heather Rivera

Healing The Present From The Past
The Personal Journey of a Past Life Researcher

“It is important to document the validity of past life regression therapy. Heather Rivera’s research has made an important contribution to this field, and I applaud her work.” -Brian L. Weiss, M.D., author of Many Lives, Many Masters

Dr. Heather Friedman Rivera’s abrupt healing following a past life regression began a quest of personal discovery and scientific investigation into past lives. Her experience, as well as reports from over 200 respondents from around the world, validate the spiritual, psychological, and physical healings that can result. She reveals her personal journey and the scientific findings from her past life study.

Her research is now:

  • quantifying the type and degree of healing effects from past life experiences
  • uncovering the factors that drive and influence these effects
  • opening the door for more research in this important healing modality
  • helping bridge gaps between Western medicine and complementary care