From time to time I feature other authors, researchers, and hypnotherapists on my blog. Today I am very excited to have Reena Kumarsingham on PLR Institute.

Reena Kumarasingham is a psychology graduate, regression therapist, life between lives therapist, whose therapy practice, Divine Aspect, has clients spanning Asia, Australia and Europe.  She is a certified trainer and supervisor for the Past Life Regression Academy in the training therapists in UK, Australia and USA. She has given talks internationally including the World Congress of Regression Therapy in Turkey and the Past Life Regression Convention in India. Reena the author of the three book Radiant Light Series, of which Shrouded Truth is the first book.  She is also the author of two chapters on advanced regression therapy techniques in Transforming the Eternal Soul, as well as the Divine ‘I AM’ Blog.  Website:  You can follow her on Facebook on

Heather: Reena, thank you for joining me today.  First, of all, let me say Congratulations on your new book “Shrouded Truth: Biblical Revelations through Past Life Journeys”.  Can you share with us how you first became interested in past lives?

Reena: Thank you. I am of Sri Lankan descent, and I grew up a Hindu, in Malaysia.  So my spiritual upbringing included reincarnation and past lives every since I was a little girl.  I have always been so fascinated with past lives – about the opportunities of experiencing lives in a different time, a different place, a different body.

One day, when I was about 19, I was at a book shop with an uncle of mine in Canberra, Australia.  He asked me if I have ever wondered why it is I am interested in certain subjects, and not interested in others.  When I looked at him blankly, he then asked, “Do you think it could be related to your past lives?  That you are attracted to subjects that remind you of your specific past lives?”

This sat with me for a long time – one of those Aha! moments.  After that, I have just wanted to explore more of my past lives, and wanted to help others explore theirs.

Heather: Can you tell us a little about your new book?

Reena: Sure.  I will be happy to.  Shrouded Truth takes readers on a fascinating journey through the past life memories of eight souls who experienced lives during the Biblical period.  Emotional, and at times dramatic, Shrouded Truth gives readers an insight into the turbulent times and fascinating experiences of those closest to Jesus, and reveals events and information of what happened before, during and after the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Backed by tradition and documentary evidence, Shrouded Truth provides little known information that will challenge previously held beliefs about the Biblical Era. Shrouded Truth also provides another perspective to this timeless story, answers some questions and raises a few new ones.
Join James, the brother of Jesus, Paul the Evangelist, Mary Magdalene and her sister, Martha, Doubting Thomas, and some surprising members of the next generation, as we witness their adventures and efforts in coping and surviving during a time of great change, and their attempts to unravel false entanglements whilst pursuing a path of spiritual purity.

Heather: I read a little about your work and found it fascinating. Can you share with us about your Radiant Light Series?

Reena: Radiant Light Series originally came about as an exploration of the past life of one person into one past life.  With any explorative journey, we always end up in a different place to where we thought we would. New discoveries are made everyday to shift us off course to continue the searching and seeking.  Such was the case here.  This exploration of one person’s past life exploded into the fascinating journey of multiple people’s past lives to one of the most recognizable periods in history – the Biblical time – to one of the most popular stories known to us.

Radiant Light Series is more than the study into a religion or into the life of an enigmatic, inspiring person.  It is a revelation of the deep spiritual beliefs that was understood and practised more than 2000 years ago.  Radiant Light Series is the discovery of the true relationship between the spirit of man and the spirit of the God.  It challenges us to look deeply into our inner core and unveil the biggest shrouded truth of them all – our own glorious divinity.

Radiant Light Series will weave a rich tapestry of evolution and involution of Consciousness that will strive to take us to greater heights of Divine Light and into a new way of Being in the New Vibration.
Radiant Light Series is comprised of three books, and a weekly blog that builds on the books to help us with our involution to being the Radiant Light Beings that we are.

  1. Shrouded Truth – Biblical Revelations through Past Life Journeys
  2. Illuminated Truth – Past Life Insights into Ancient Christianity
  3. The third book is still in the conceptual phase
  4. Divine ‘I AM’ Blog  – or

Heather: If someone was interested in learning more about past lives where would you suggest they start?

Reena: Reading.  There are quality books out there about past lives.  Shrouded Truth is one of them. It touches on the process of Past Life Regression, whilst unveiling real human experiences during the time of Jesus.  There are also great books on how Past Life Regression is used for deep soul healing – Healing the Eternal Soul by Andy Tomlinson, Many Lives, Many Masters, by Dr. Brian Weiss and Healing from Deep Within by Dr. Peter Mack.  I would start there.  If anyone is interested in learning more from Facebook – this is a good group to join.

Heather: Has past life work changed your life? If so, how?

Reena: That’s a great question.  It has totally changed my life.  I used work in the Media Industry, in Singapore.  However, it stopped fulfilling me.  I wanted to pursue a path in therapeutic healing.  It was what I got my undergraduate degree in – psychology.  But what I had learnt never felt enough, never felt deep enough.  CBT is helpful – to a certain degree – but I felt that I could not serve my clients with just that under my belt.  Then, Andy Tomlinson, the Director of the Past Life Regression Academy, conducted a talk in Singapore – about how his course combined past life regression and psychotherapeutic techniques.  It was perfect for me – it provides holistic healing for client – emotional, mental and spiritually.  It called my soul.  I graduated from this nearly 2 year course, and I left my job, and opened my practise – Divine Aspect.  I then went on get my certification in Life Between Lives regression as well.  I then moved to the UK, where I currently live, and started training at the Past Life Regression Academy, whilst still conducting my practice.  It has changed my whole life – and has taken me down a path of soul fulfillment and contentment.

Heather: You must spend a lot of time and energy on your work. What do you do to recharge? Do you have a creative outlet?

Reena: I love singing.  I used to sing with a couple of big bands a couple of years ago.  I love the expression through song and music, and working with talented musicians, surfing the waves of music we produce together.  It’s very grounding.  Plus belting a song is a healthy way to discharge stress, frustration and pent up energy.

Heather: Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me today. Where can our readers find out more about your work and the upcoming book?

Reena: Shrouded Truth will be released on 5 March 2018 – but pre-orders are available now on Amazon, both on Kindle and Paperback versions.  Shrouded Truth is also available on Apple iBooks.  In the UK, Waterstones, one of the biggest bookshops in the UK, is carrying the book on their website –

You can find out more about me and my work through my website –  I have got all the information about the Radiant Light Series and Shrouded Truth there.  To follow the Divine ‘I AM’ blog, the links are OR

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