From time to time I feature other authors, researchers, and hypnotherapists on my blog. Today I am very excited to have Denise Von Hengst as a guest.

Denise is a Reiki Master/Teacher. She has a gypsy heart and vagabond spirit. She is a wife, a mother, and a friend to all. A grateful breast cancer survivor dedicated to helping those in need, she has worked with the homeless, the elderly and sick – most recently traveling to Lesvos, Greece to bring hope, love and awareness to the plight of the Syrian refugees. She believes in unconditional love, the gift of hope to heal, the outstretched hand. This world traveler unpacks her suitcase in Maryland.

Heather:  Denise, thank you for joining me today. I am very excited about your new book, Sacred Circle. A few years back when you asked me to read it I immediately fell in love with the story. I’m sure your readers will also be swept away by your amazing tale. I also want to thank you for asking me to write the foreword. It was truly an honor.
Can you briefly share with us what your book, Sacred Circle, is about?

Denise: Sacred Circle is about so much more than past life regression, although that is a big part of it. It is about a growing awareness of something larger than you and I. The choreography of our life dance through the people we meet along the way – synchronicity. It’s about remaining open to the signs, your intuition and following your path. It’s about having faith, seeing the magic all around us.
I wrote Sacred Circle to fulfill a promise made to Rachel. I was to share this story with others to let people know that these things CAN and DO happen to ordinary individuals like you and me. I say in the beginning of the book that if my story helps another struggling with something similar I will be happy. So many people are afraid of talking about these things, fearful of judgment they hold it all inside. I honestly believe that we are meant to talk about these things – get it out there.

Heather: What prompted you to write this book?

Denise: Originally, I started writing Sacred Circle as therapy following a life changing encounter with a woman. This meeting went beyond anything I had ever known or could have imagined – it rocked my entire world, brought tremendous joy and great sadness along with so many questions. Who was I? Who was she? What, if anything, had we been to each other? So many who, what, when, where questions that make us all a little crazy at times.

Heather: The title, Sacred Circle, is intriguing. Can you share how the name came to you?

Denise: The name was originally, Full Circle. It was inspired by the diamond eternity circle gifted to me by ‘Rachel’ as a reminder that love transcends time – infinite and eternal. I changed the name to Sacred Circle in May as recommended by my editor, Demi Stevens. The cover image was taken by the Hubble. It spoke to me(actually yelled to me). The image is of a Nebula, made of dust and gases, often considered the birthplace of stars. They grow and change, just like us. They come together and collapse as we sometimes do. – being reborn again. The cover photo instantly spoke to me of the depth of the Universe, mysteries and the beauty of all life – the sacred process of change and rebirth.

Heather: Your book discusses the possibility of past lives. As you know, I co-founded PLR Institute to research past lives and related therapies. Since the book have you explored additional past lives, and, if so, what impact did it have on your life today?

Denise:  Yes, I have explored other past lives. It has been a fascinating journey. These trips into the past have helped me to understand so much about who I am, why I act the way I do, my likes and dislikes…the very people I choose to spend time with, even my life long desire to be a nurse. So much of it is there. The recognition is truly remarkable!

Heather: What are you working on now?

Denise:  I am presently working on Part Two – Sacred Wounds. When I finished Sacred Circle with a huge sigh of relief I thought I was done writing. Never! Spirit had something else waiting for me. Such a nag, that Spirit! So, I hope that it won’t take a decade to write!

Heather: Can you share with us your writing process?

Denise:  My writing process? OK, well it consists of pads of paper and pens on my nightstand. My biggest inspirations come in two places, in bed at 3 am AND while in the shower. I just hear words in my head. When I finally sit down to write the words just flow down my arms and through my fingers and onto the screen. Sometimes when I stop to reread I am amazed. Did I actually write that? It’s so bizarre. Around my house there a bits and pieces of paper with scribbles everywhere. Ideas!

Heather: Sacred Circle discusses how a new world opened up for you. Can you share what gifts you received from your journey?

Denise: What gifts have I received from the first part of my journey? So many! Sacred Circle is about finding myself, accepting and loving myself, the uniqueness of ME! It’s about learning to trust and believe in something bigger. I’ve learned to face fears and phobias and not letting them control me. Death no longer frightens me. Loss, something that touched me so deeply, has no hold on me either. I know, beyond doubt, that life is not a one shot deal. As Arnold Schwarzenegger so famously said, “I’ll be back!”

Heather: Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me today. Where can our readers find out more about your work and the upcoming book?
Denise:  Sacred Circle is available on Kindle and in paperback @ Amazon. I also have a FB page for those willing to leave a comment or SHARE their story with me. That is what I am really hoping for – that others will come out and say, “Hey! I know what you’re talking about!
Thank you, Heather. Sending love and big hugs all the way to Hawaii


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