For years I’ve searched for the perfect writing spot. I imagined myself sitting in the café, typing away in writing bliss. In the background the customers chatter quietly, the espresso machine hisses, my latte is handy, and the view is breathtaking. That’s what I want! And find it I will.

Mostly, I write at home in the front bedroom of our house. I call it “Pele’s Parlour” after the Hawaiian Goddess, Pele. It’s lovely. Our home is on the big island of Hawaii and overlooks the ocean. But, as I’m guessing many writers would understand, it’s distracting to write at home. I’m too accessible, I can’t help but notice some dust, or remember some laundry that needs to be washed. However, the plus side of having a writing spot in my own home is easy access to a bathroom and to the coffee maker.

I’ve searched high and low, tried numerous cafes and locales and there’s always an issue. I can’t just get up and go to the restroom any time my bladder pings me. I end up sighing loudly then packing up my laptop just to pee then set it all back up again—hoping I don’t lose my table. And then there is the hunt for an outlet, the table with a view, and, lastly, finding a comfortable chair. I usually end up leaving with my laptop slumped in its bag. I’m disappointed but not undaunted.

My husband came up with the idea to stay somewhere else once a month—a mini getaway. It sounded great. Until I realized I have to drive to the cottage—cutting into my writing time, I can’t check in until after three p.m. and I have to check out before noon. How much writing time will I get in on this once a month excursion?

This summer we began to brainstorm my writing spot dilemma. On our property was an old unused shed that had a killer ocean view. Could we convert that to a writing studio? We called a contractor to come out and give us his assessment.

My dream was to have comfortable seating, a great view, easy access to a bathroom, and close access to a kitchen and coffee maker. I wanted a place separate from my home where home duties would not distract me from writing. Could it be done?

Nope. It was too much work to convert and so we tore the shed down.

Back to square one . . .

Fast forward a few weeks to some articles and sites we read on Tiny Homes. My heart skipped at the idea. This is doable. This is everything I was looking for. And this is too darn cute!

We contacted Johanna Tilbury and Barrie Rose of Habitats Hawaii. They are local builders that build custom tiny homes. They listened to my dreams then provided me with a blank grid and we were left to design our own Tiny Home.

My husband and I had so much fun creating this magical space. How awesome would it be to take my fantasy world of Exaltia from my young reader books and make it a reality? That’s what we’re doing. Every detail has been designed with Exaltia in mind. It will be as if the outside merged with the inside. There are lots of custom wood accents and whimsical touches.

We named the cottage “Exaltia by the Sea” and it is currently under construction. It will be ready in a couple of months. It has a queen size bed in the loft, sky lights, French doors that open to an expansive ocean view, a kitchenette, outdoor shower and composting toilet, and a washing machine.

We decided to open up “Exaltia by the Sea” to those seeking a unique vacation rental experience or a quiet writing getaway. You can check out more about the cottage at

And visit  for pictures of completed Tiny Homes.

I can’t wait for the grand opening. Stay tuned . . .

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