Interview with Artist/Author, Katy Tackes

From time to time I feature other authors on my blog. Today, I am excited to interview Artist/Author, Katy Tackes.
Katy was raised in Canada, where her immense love and gratitude for Mother Nature blossomed. She has been gifted the opportunity of living in Paris, France and has travelled throughout Europe, Asia, New Zealand, the Middle-East and North America, reinforcing her belief that “we are all connected…we are One”.
It is through her love and studies of theosophy and ancient wisdom that she continues her quest for Truth, and the expression of it in Its universal form, which is pure Love.

Heather: Katy thank you for joining me today. I met you a few years back when you participated in our Festival of Writers and Books. Since then I’ve kept up on your work. I love your paintings. Every piece you show on Facebook is beautiful. Can you tell us a little more about the art you’re creating?

Katy: Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement for my artwork. I love when others make a connection with the spirit of the work and its messaging. I am an artist who creates in hopes of bringing people together in One circle of peace and Love. My hope is that each piece will enlighten or provoke deeper consideration of the subject within the viewer.

Heather: I know, as a writer, I require time to recharge in order to create. Do you find that painting is a good way to recharge? I heard that other creative outlets help us be better writers. Do you agree?

Katy:  It’s funny that you ask this as I had hit my writer’s block just before I picked up the paint brush. My sister, who is also an artist, suggested that I open an alternative creative channel via paint to help guide the words to the page. Once I saw that the messages were coming through me so vividly with each stroke, I continued the artistic expression in this mode. I know I will go back to writing one day; I still a few stories in me.

Heather: Can you share with us a little about your creative process?

Katy:  Sure, I paint intuitively most of the time and while I am painting I often receive positive, love-based messages that are incorporated into the art, the title and the message and/or description of the work.The colors, brush strokes and subject all come during this intuitive process without anticipation for any particular outcome from my intellect. It is much more heart felt than mind based. I think of it as, “art for the soul”.

Heather: What tips do you have to overcome writer’s block?

Katy:  My favorite is connecting with Mother Earth and all her natural wonders; her sights, sounds, smells….every aspect. Finding that peacefulness within Nature and myself. Personally, I love to star-gaze and get lost in the depths of the Universe. I find that the messages are within each and every one of us and they are just waiting for us to quiet our minds and egos long enough to be able to express the Light of our soul; whether in the written word or any other form of communication.

Heather: Muse & Ink’s mission is to help writers find their creative spark. Do you have any tips that you can share for tapping into the creative muse?

Katy:  Since I believe the best writing comes from a place of truth (even fiction) I think introspection becomes a useful tool. Asking yourself, what is important to you? If you only had one story to tell, what would it be?  Sometimes listening to music or looking at old photos or reading your old journal of your aspirations becomes a spark to finding this light of truth. Once that flame it lit, there will be no stopping you!

Heather: Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me today Where can our readers find your book and art?

Katy:  Thank you too Heather!  I really enjoyed sharing with your audience. To view the artwork, please visit my online gallery, KATY TACKES ART:

And my novel, EACH TIME SHE WAKES can be purchased at all major online bookstores including Amazon:
Thank you again Heather; this has been a pleasure!

Painting is titled: SUNRISE AT GOLDEN BRIDGE
Message Katy received while painting it: “There is a moment across every divide where two sides seem worlds apart. Then a gradual swell arises when we discover we have the power to bridge this divide. This realization is represented by a Sunrise At Golden Bridge.”

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