New Book Release
“Inside the Crystal”

I am excited to announce the release of the third book in my Prism Walker series. The Prism Walker series is a young reader fantasy/adventure series for ages 8-12.
In the series Sara, Molly, and Leo from Earth use a prism to open a portal to other worlds. In book one, Into Exaltia, they enter a world called Exaltia and are called on a mission to save the Queen and gnomes from a shapeshifter. In this fantastical world they encounter elves, goblins, fairies, and a dragon. In book two, In Search of Emerald Bay, the adventures are called for another mission to Exaltia where they rush against time to save the world before the life energy leaks out.
Now in book three, Inside the Crystal, the three adventurers along with elves, Thorn and Sael, find themselves in another world completely. Without being able to rely on their previous knowledge and without provisions, they are thrust into another mission that they must complete in order to be returned to their home world.
I enjoy working on these books and usually write them in between my other writing projects. It’s fun to place my awareness in state of childlike curiosity. It’s a time for me to play and let my mind create outside my normal fenced in mental state.
Two young readers from California enjoyed the first two books and requested a third. In the back of my books I put out a statement that if a reader would like to read more Prism Walker books then to let me know and I may name a character after them. In this third book, Inside the Crystal, I have done that and two characters are named Finn and Bronwyn after the young readers in California.
Each book has been illustrated by the talented artist, Martin Kaspar, from Prague. I hope you enjoy this third book. As to whether there will be more Prism Walker books, I guess that is up to my readers.

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