Ah, sound! I’m doing great with my bilateral cochlear implants and enjoying regaining many of the sounds I had lost. At times it’s almost magical. Last week I had Pandora playing while I worked and then, suddenly, I realized that I recognized the song that was playing. I never know what surprise I’ll experience in any given day. 

As my hearing declined, hypnosis was difficult for me. I couldn’t hear a therapist unless I read their lips so closing my eyes was out of the question, and when I would speak to a group I had difficulty determining the volume of my own voice. 

Losing my hearing got me thinking about hypnosis with those that are hard of hearing or deaf. I poked around on the internet and asked the PLRI Affiliates. 

Darrel Quebedeaux says, “I know from personal experience with others that trance can be induced via the typed word such as a chat or messenger service.  It is a much slower process but I feel it was worth the time.  The person going into trance can train themselves to come out enough to read the instructions and then go back to the levels when the work is done and get it done. I would say that is subjective to the subject’s perspective and trust.”

Mary O’Maley wrote: “I think a short written training of how hypnosis works would be the place to start. Understanding the relationship between positive thought, put into action with the accompanying positive emotion, allows a person to create and experience their own hypnosis script, without having eyes open.

But,Shelley Stockwell Nicholas, taught us another technique that worked really well. Simply brushing their energy field in gentle downward strokes brought on relaxation, trance, and a deepening of the trance, with not a word spoken!

Keeping their eyes open during this and having written instructions and suggestions ready could be very powerful.”

And Elly Prior, in The Netherlands, put an interesting blog together on her website. Check it out 


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  1. I think Robin Norwood( Women Who Love Too Much) went into a trance state when she got a massage.I just happen to be rereading her book Why? where she describes the experience. There may be a way you can try massage with hypnosis. I am so happy to learn of your progress! I hope you have much more to look forward to! Your friend, Joanne

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